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Shit Some Autistic Chicks Say

Okay, specifically, it’s shit Some Autistic Chick says (IYMOAPYMOAP), because there are things I find myself saying a lot. And I’ve always said them. It’s just only (relatively) recently that I’ve understood why I’ve always beens saying them. As with so many things in my life, these are things I didn’t understand until I gotContinue reading “Shit Some Autistic Chicks Say”

I am amazed.

Y’all neurotypical people are kind of amazing. I never knew how much. Like, don’t get me wrong. I love who I am, I love the things that make me different, and I wouldn’t change myself for the world. I have no inferiority complex in that respect. But I’ve learned some things in the past coupleContinue reading “I am amazed.”

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