Autism Speaks, and NPR + Autism Speaks

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that everything in this post is accurate to my knowledge, but don’t take it as gospel because my knowledge isn’t comprehensive or impeccable. Moving on: NPR is sponsored by Autism Speaks. (That, I know to be accurate with 100-percent certainty.) I don’t know how long this has beenContinue reading “Autism Speaks, and NPR + Autism Speaks”

Shit Some Autistic Chicks Say

Okay, specifically, it’s shit Some Autistic Chick says (IYMOAPYMOAP), because there are things I find myself saying a lot. And I’ve always said them. It’s just only (relatively) recently that I’ve understood why I’ve always beens saying them. As with so many things in my life, these are things I didn’t understand until I gotContinue reading “Shit Some Autistic Chicks Say”

How I beat the autism quizzes

Ha! Suck it, online quizzes! I win! Okay, no, I didn’t actually beat the online “Am I autistic?” quizzes. What would be the point of taking the time to take the quizzes while trying to game them? Honestly, I didn’t beat them so much as I took them and found the results unexpectedly lukewarm. TheContinue reading “How I beat the autism quizzes”

I am amazed.

Y’all neurotypical people are kind of amazing. I never knew how much. Like, don’t get me wrong. I love who I am, I love the things that make me different, and I wouldn’t change myself for the world. I have no inferiority complex in that respect. But I’ve learned some things in the past coupleContinue reading “I am amazed.”

“Everyone’s a little autistic.”

… I mean, every autistic person is autistic. And not just a little bit. Just to start: A little autistic isn’t a thing. Autism is, technically, a pervasive developmental disorder, so there’s no such thing as having that “just a little.” Now, every autistic person experiences their autism in their own way (I feel likeContinue reading ““Everyone’s a little autistic.””

Autistic traits you don’t see on the teevee

If we know anything about autistic people, it’s that they’re stone-faced, genius, antisocial assholes who are really good at math and see numbers and diagrams floating in the air every time they need to solve a problem. If they’re not that, they don’t talk or make eye contact and just walk around flapping their handsContinue reading “Autistic traits you don’t see on the teevee”

So I started a blog, or whatever.

I did. I started a blog about being autistic. I suppose it would be great to say that I want the world to better understand the everyday life of an autistic person, or something, but the truth is, I just have things to say from time to time and nowhere to say them. All thoseContinue reading “So I started a blog, or whatever.”